The Team

Founder of Inner You Pilates |
Pilates Instructor and Trainer

After 13 years working in the financial markets in London and within the management of a major luxury company in Paris, I decided to take a “break” following my move to Geneva to take care of my children.

But 13 years spent in high heels and sitting for 10 hours a day, 2 pregnancies with complications, have taken their toll: my body is ravaged. It’s not visible, but I feel it already. I’m not even 40 years old yet. I may have another 50 years to live! I need to take charge of myself! That’s when, by chance, I discovered Pilates.

I don’t know what I would have become without this incredible encounter. I discovered a method, a philosophy, a new lifestyle. Quickly, I discovered a new deep strength of incredible power. My body and life transformed.

Pilates entered my life gradually; the way I stand, walk, sleep. Everything has an impact on the body and, in turn, on my mental and well-being. I regained my waistline. I can stand for 2 hours in museums or attend a concert without lower back pain. I found a certain youthfulness. Not a superficial youthfulness (wrinkles) but an internal one: freedom of movement; a new lightness; deep strength; a body that moves and maintains itself.

I learned to control my body, mind, breathing, appetite, and to move with fluidity and lightness. I progressed in an activity even though I reached my forties. What more could I want?

So, in early 2011, I decided to make it my profession and try to pass on this passion, and the luxury of knowing and maintaining one’s body, and consequently, one’s spirit, to achieve true well-being.

After initial training in Switzerland, I continued my study of the method in the United States with two Master Teachers, Kathy Corey and Lolita San Miguel – the latter having herself been certified by Mr. Joseph Pilates in person in the 1960s.

During my various trainings, I was able to specialize in certain back pathologies, in particularscoliosis, herniated discs, spina bifida occulta, and osteoporosis.

I also followed a specific program established by Kathy Corey in collaboration with specialists from the San Diego hospital, to help people with breast cancer return to physical activity. I completed two theses, one on Spina Bifida and another on Pilates and elite swimmers.

Diplomas and Certifications