The Team

Pilates Instructor

I discovered Pilates 10 years ago when I was a high-level swimmer. This method enriched my life as an athlete and was very beneficial for progressing in my competitive sport.

I started with mat classes using small equipment and quickly wanted to try Pilates in Murielle’s studio with professional equipment.

I was quickly convinced of the benefits of this sport and couldn’t do without it.

After stopping swimming, I continued Pilates alongside my studies in educational sciences, and my passion for this method continued to grow.

Wanting to continue on this path and eager to share what I learned from Murielle over the years, I decided to start training with the renowned Master Teacher Kathy Corey, based in the United States.

Today, I am transformed with the desire to share this experience with others.

I developed my first professional experience in the world of Pilates at Studio 7G in Geneva and have been working in Murielle’s studio since 2019, alongside my work as an adult trainer. I really enjoy giving classes there and look forward to welcoming new people to my private, trio, or teen classes !