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Choose the body you want to live in!

"Feeling good in your body, feeling good in your mind!"

Making the decision one day to take care of your body, to nurture it, and to give it what it needs to withstand the impact of time, is the best resolution you can make today to ensure your well-being. Never underestimate the potential of your body and its influence on your mind. Take care of it! You only have one!

Pilates Instructor

Unique in Switzerland – training certified by Master Teacher Kathy Corey. Join the large family of passionate Pilates professionals by following the complete program of Master Teacher Kathy Corey, a Pilates legend based in California, and become a Pilates Instructor with this two-year training recognized worldwide.

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The Pilate Reformer

Whether it's about refining your own skills or offering tailored exercises to your students, this collection of exercises is designed to accompany you on your journey and provide a tailor-made experience.

Pilates Heritage International Congress

International congress in the birthplace of Joseph Pilates will take place from May 10 to 12, 2024