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A Healthy Body

A Healthy Mind

Find your inner strength

Find your Mind-Body balance

A Healthy Body, A Healthy Mind!

Deciding to take care of your body and give it what it needs to cope with the impact of time is the best resolution you can make today to ensure your well-being. Never underestimate the potential of your body and its influence on your mind. Take care of your body – you only have one!

More than just physical activity, Pilates is a philosophy of life. It’s a search for physical well-being and the positive impact that MOVEMENT can have on the mind!

It’s a daily quest for BALANCE.

  • Balance in our body: between different muscles; between mobility and stability; between strength and endurance.
  • Balance between our body and our mind.
  • Balance in our daily activities. 
  • Balance in LIFE! Work – well-being – relaxation – rest.

For Joseph PILATES:  that’s happiness ! 

And the key to that happiness is his method – moving your body – your whole body – and paying attention to how you feel during movement. Recognising your physical feelings helps you to release the tension and stress of your busy, modern life.

Awaken The Strength Inside You

Private lessons

Precision training in a 1-1 environment, personalized according to individual needs and objectives and based on observing the body in movement

Small group lessons

Enjoyable sessions in groups of only 2-3, permitting a high level of personalization.

Speciality: Pilates for swimmers

Pilates is an ideal complement to the physical preparation of the competitive swimmer, helping to prepare the body to cope with intensive training and preventing injury through reinforcement of the deep musculature.

Classes in

An Inspiring Environment

Located in rural Confignon, only 20 minutes from central Geneva, the studio is fully equipped yet quiet and intimate, close to public transport (Croisée de Confignon, 4 minutes’ walk) and with a private parking space available.


  • 3 Towers / Reformers
  • 1 Cadillac
  • 2 Stability Chairs
  • 1 Ladder Barrel
  • 3 Spine correctors
  • 1 Pedo-Pull

Small equipment

  • Exercise balls (all sizes)
  • Trigger Point grids
  • Pilates foam rollers
  • Bosu balance trainer
  • Pilates rings
  • Resistance bands

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11F route de Soral
1232 Confignon

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