I first discovered Pilates 7 years ago while training as an Elite swimmer. The Pilates method quickly became an invaluable tool for an athlete like me, and helped me to progress in my sport. I started with Mat and small equipment classes but very soon progressed to training on the reformer and other professional equipment in Murielle’s studio. I was immediately hooked on Pilates and its many benefits for well-being!

Once I stopped competitive swimming, I continued doing Pilates while studying Educational Science at university. My passion for the method continued to grow, and I decided to pursue a Pilates teacher training course in order to share the knowledge I had gained from Murielle during all those years. I therefore started to train with the renowned Master Teacher Kathy Corey, who is based in California, USA.

After my first experience of teaching Pilates at the studio 7G in Geneva, I now work at InnerYou Pilates, Murielle’s studio. I am very keen to pass on my love for the method and its benefit to other people. I thoroughly enjoy teaching at InnerYou Pilates and look forward to welcoming new clients on Mondays and Tuesdays.

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