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Live your body, differently

After 13 years working in financial markets in London and in the luxury goods sector in Paris, I decided to take a “break” after moving to Geneva to take care of my young children.

But 13 years spent in high heels and sitting at a desk 10 hours a day as well as 2 complicated pregnancies had left their mark: my body was ravaged. It might not have shown, but I could feel it. And I was not yet 40 years old, with maybe 50 years left to live!

I must take control!

It was then, in 2007, that I came across Pilates.

I don’t know what would have become of me without this this chance encounter. It led me to discover a new philosophy and a new lifestyle.

I soon discovered a new inner strength and power.

Body And Life Transformed

Pilates changed how I stood, how I walked, how I slept. It had an impact on my body, my mind and my well-being.

  • I lost weight.


  • I could remain standing in a museum or a concert for 2 hours with no lower back pain


  • I rediscovered my youth… not external youth (the wrinkles are there!) but internal youth: freedom of movement; lightness on my feet; inner strength; a body that could move and look after itself.


  • I learned to control my body, my mind, my breathing and my appetite.


  • I learned to move with fluidity and lightness.


  • In my late 30’s, I had discovered a new passion! 


What More Could I Want?

In early 2011 I decided to make Pilates my career, in order to pass on my passion and the pleasure of knowing and maintaining one’s body and mind and achieving true well-being.

My journey

Change of career


Destination well-being!


After initial training in Switzerland, Murielle continued her Pilates studies in the USA with two Master Teachers, Kathy Corey and Lolita San Miguel – the latter having been certified by Joseph Pilates in person in the 1960’s.

Murielle has also specialized in pre-post natal program as well as the treatment through Pilates of several back conditions, especially scoliosis, herniated discs, spina bifida (occulta) and osteoporosis. She has also followed a specific program developed by Kathy Corey in collaboration with specialists at the San Diego Hospital to help people with breast cancer return to physical activity. She has completed two theses: on the introduction of Pilates movements to improve mobility of people with spina bifida ; and on Pilates-based training programs for competitive swimmers.

September 2016: Murielle successfully completed a two-year Pilates Master Mentor Program under the supervision of Master Teacher Lolita San Miguel (Lolita San Miguel Pilates MasterTM). This comprised 160 hours of training and the presentation of a thesis (on Pilates and spina bifida). Lolita is a legend of Pilates – a Master Teacher of the First Generation, one of the few to have been trained and certified directly by Joseph Pilates. Ms. San Miguel was also certified by another Pilates legend, Carola Trier.

June 2017: Murielle successfully completed the KCP Mentor Program for Postgraduate Education with Master Teacher Kathy Corey. This comprised 200 hours of teaching and the presentation of a thesis (on Pilates and competitive swimmers). Kathy is recognized as one of the world’s foremost and influential Pilates figures, with a 40-year career.

July 2017: Murielle completed the Kathy Corey Core CORE Band® Teacher Training Course, using the world-renowned CORE Band® developed by Kathy that can be used for the entire Matwork Pilates repertoire. Murielle thus obtained two further qualifications:

• The CORE Band® Certificate, authorizing her to teach the Official Kathy Corey Pilates CORE Band® Program.

• The CORE Band® Certificate for Certifying Teacher and Administer, authorizing her to teach and certify Pilates instructors in the official Kathy Corey Pilates CORE Band® Program.

January 2018: Murielle completed the Pilates C.A.R.E.S. Cancer Awareness and Recovery Exercise System, again with Master Teacher Kathy Corey. The System addresses the convalescence through Pilates of breast cancer patients.


Deepening methods

  • Trigger Point Performance Therapy, Switzerland
  • Booty BARRE workshop with Tracey Mallett, Fort Lauderdale, USA
  • Pilates Method Alliance Congress, Fort Lauderdale, USA
  • Pilates for Anti-aging Back (Master Teacher Kathy Corey)
  • Pilates for Arthritis (Master Teacher Kathy Corey)
  • Pilates for Scoliosis (Master Teacher Kathy Corey)
  • Pilates for Osteoporosis workshop (Master Teacher Kathy Corey)
  • Cadillac workshop (Mary Bowen)
  • Centered: psoas as a core muscle (Madeline Black)
  • Private training with Blossom Crawford and Brett Howard, New York, USA
  • Pre and post-natal workshop (Blossom Crawford, New York, USA)
  • CORE Band® Teacher Training Course with Master Teacher Kathy Corey
  • Pilates for Breast Cancer Recovery C.A.R.E.S with Master Teacher Kathy Corey

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